Lab grown diamond jewellery by Sceona, available on ZERRIN


With sustainability at heart, Scéona creates exquisite fine jewellery that is carefully thought through and crafted in order to do no harm to the planet and its people. Each design is made of 18k recycled gold created from electronic waste and lab-grown diamonds to avoid using mined materials.

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Sceona Ili Ring
Scéona Ili Ring
Sceona Anadyr Ring
Scéona Anadyr Ring
Sceona Tage Studs
Scéona Tage Studs
Sceona Jumna Studs
Scéona Junma Stud Earrings
Sceona Kasaï Ring
Scéona Kasaï Ring
Sceona Ienisseï Ring
Scéona Ienisseï Ring
Sceona Tangri Ring, available in ZERRIN
Sceona Tangri Ring
Sceona Stana Ring, available in ZERRIN
Sceona Stana Ring
Sceona Parana Ring, available in ZERRIN
Scéona Parana Ring